Model Three Bookshelf Speaker

The Model Three’s two-way design continues the KLH legacy of acoustic suspension design delivering accurate, audiophile-quality performance. But, with the Model Three, KLH is providing the perfect soundstage solution for music enthusiasts with smaller listening spaces. Standing strong on an 8-degree slant riser base, the Model Three bookshelf speaker is offered in the same English Walnut and West African Mahagony finish as the Model Five. Audiophiles, do not let the size fool you! Whether your room is large or small, the music that outpours from the Model Three will command your attention and connect you to the sound.

Bookshelf Speakers

Model Three

KLH is continuing to bring you the new shape of sound, but this time, in a smaller package. Second in line in the KLH Model Collection, we introduce the KLH Model Three bookshelf speaker. KLH’s Chief Engineer, Kerry Geist, designed the new Model 3 bookshelf speaker using modern-day advanced technology, the finest materials, and artisan craftsmanship to achieve the unimaginable: jaw-dropping low-bass extension, surprising mid-bass detail, and high-frequency accuracy, all from a small enclosure. Most will be happy to learn that the KLH Model Three bookshelf speaker delivers a familial acoustic signature and musical integrity to its elder, the KLH Model Five.

Model Three FAQ's

These two astounding vintage speakers are consistent with the acoustic suspension design, but the KLH Model Three’s are smaller and considered as bookshelf speakers. The Model Three is easily the best bookshelf speaker sold today, with a size that allows one with a smaller space to enjoy a bigger sound. Like the Model Five, listeners have the flexibility to move these premium speakers closer to the wall than the average tower speaker. Not to mention, this pair of speakers adds a charming appearance to any listening room.

The Model Three acoustic suspension speakers don’t favor one frequency over the expense of another. The 8-inch woofer maintains control, while low-frequency performance remains impeccable even at the highest cone excursions. Additionally, the 2-way loudspeaker system produces a clean sound where the ear is most sensitive to distortion. For this reason, the Model Three is the best bookshelf speaker, with an output that is detailed at every level. 

Although the Model Three’s look like vintage speakers, these charming bookshelf speakers were custom engineered in 2021. The KLH Model Three’s are modeled after the iconic Model Five loudspeaker yet remain unique from any other speaker on the market. When it comes down to their retro appearance and enthralling listening experience, rest assured the Model Three will have you hooked.

The attenuation switch allows users to slightly reduce mid and high frequencies and customize the output based on their listening space. The slant riser base creates the perfect eight-degree angle for optimal listening of these premium speakers. These elements keep KLH standing as one of the best speaker brands in the industry today.

The Model Three is an acoustic suspension speaker, utilizing a different transducer type than the typical bass-reflex speaker. The Model Collection’s acoustic suspension design classifies them as top-rated speakers that allow for a low bass extension from a small enclosure. This design is best suited for low-frequency program material, demonstrating an accurate and detailed sound. The acoustic suspension design makes the Model Three bookshelf speakers produce a cleaner sound than any typical.

Model Three Reviews

“Moving on to the mid-range here’s where the Model Three and Five have a lot more in common. Clarity is absolutely the name of the game here as the Three can resolve the finest details locked within a recording with ease. Moreover, it does so in a way that just isn’t very showy, maintaining that seemingly effortless quality throughout the midrange that I just found so captivating about the Model Five. Which brings us to the Model Three’s soundstage, holy sh–. First off, this is among the easiest speakers to place in a room that I have encountered in a long while. As they are just not picky about toe-in and whatever else. They image like absolute champions- I’m talking Focal level good. Center imaging is epic. And the dispersion- off the charts.”

Andrew Robinson

Premium High-fidelity Bookshelf Speakers

The KLH Albany II is a sonic overachiever designed to impress hi-fi enthusiasts of all kinds. With a 2-way bass-reflex design and an outstanding fit and finish, our Albany II’s are the best bookshelf speakers for any home. They deliver a high-fidelity listening experience and surprising bass performance. Audiophiles and music lovers alike celebrate the pure transparency of KLH bookshelf speakers, while home theater enthusiasts praise the room-energizing dynamics and robust bass output. KLH Albany II bookshelf speakers offer the best in audio sound at an unbeatable price point!

The Ultimate Home Theater Sound

Bookshelf Speakers

The Albany II are the best bookshelf speakers built to bring big sound into the comfort of your listening room. Our amazingly balanced bookshelf speakers radiate acoustic power while rendering the finest details with precision. Despite being a smaller-sized speaker, the Albany II has bass that resonates through your entire body, creating a soundscape that you feel and hear. The Albany II’s elevate effortless, full-range sound for all movies, TV, and music.

Custom-engineered Bookshelf Speaker Design

The Albany II speakers feature premium speaker components including 1 x 5.25” Woven Kevlar® drivers, braided tinsel leads, custom-designed crossovers, 1” anodized aluminum tweeters with linear response faceplate, and much more. Our world-class engineers at KLH created high-efficiency drivers for distinct bass, better linearity, lower distortion, and remarkable durability. This carefully designed bookshelf speaker reproduces a transformative sound from a small enclosure. And the threaded mounting inserts on the back panel give you the freedom and ease to showcase these compact powerhouse speakers on the wall, making for the most flexible installation process.

Beautiful Cabinet Structure

Bookshelf Speakers

Available in European Walnut and Black Oak finish, the KLH Albany II’s are made for every shelf. KLH reference-quality bookshelf speakers stand 13 inches tall and weigh 11 pounds, making them easy to place in nearly any space. These powerful, sophisticated bookshelf speakers feature stamped steel driver baskets and oversized magnets for superior control and output. Their magnetic grilles have a custom honeycomb design with zero visible fasteners, ensuring a durable, flawless appearance. The Albany II speaker is sure to complement any décor while filling your room with premium sound. There is no question the Albany II’s are the best bookshelf speakers for accessorizing your home and producing that cinema-quality stereo sound.

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