Model Five, Acoustic Suspension Floor Standing Speaker Review by Audio A

Audio Art by Edward Chen

The KLH pair of massive Model 5s looks like bookshelf horns, but when used with an exclusive base, they can be transformed into small floor speakers. The Model 5 is equipped with three monomers, a 3-tone design, and KLH’s unique “Acoustic Suspension” technology, which has an excellent frequency domain performance. The appearance of the Model 5 is designed with solid wood veneer, and if the home decoration is a style of warm wood tones, it can be easily integrated into it, allowing users to enjoy the beautiful sound quality while also adding elegant taste to the home decoration.

KLH, an American audiophile audio brand, was founded in 1957 by founders Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Low, and Josef Anton Hofmann. Since its inception, the label has been guided by the concept of creating horns with excellent sound quality, and was once the world’s largest loudspeaker manufacturer, with more than 500 employees and more than 30,000 pairs of horns sold worldwide every year. Among them, the most well-known models are the Model 5, Model 6, and Model 17, all of which use the “cushion” design developed by Edgar Villchur and the brand’s founder Henry Kloss, each with excellent sound quality. 

The KLH pair of Model 5 bookshelf horns are so large that they can be used as floor speakers with the included steel base, and they are equipped with a 1-inch aluminum soft hemispherical treble monomer. In particular,  it is equipped with the label’s exclusive air cushion design, so that the single body can operate without being affected by the sound pressure in the box; According to official data, its frequency response range can reach 42Hz to 20,000Hz, especially in terms of low frequencies, even small floor speakers may not have such specifications, which makes people look forward to hearing its actual performance.

Product Specifications
• Type: 3 tone path 3 single air cushion type bookshelf / floor speaker 
• Monomer: 1 inch aluminum alloy soft hemispherical treble monomer x1 (rubber suspension frame), 4 inch paper basin alto monomer x1 (elastic rubber suspension frame), 10 inch paper basin bass monomer (2 inch elastic rubber suspension frame) 
• Frequency response: 42Hz-20,000Hz (-+3dB):
• Low frequency roll-off: -10dB @32Hz
• Room Sensitivity: 90.5dB
• Outdoor Sensitivity: 87.5dB
• Maximum withstand power: 200W
• Recommended amplifier power: 20W-200W
• Maximum indoor sound pressure: 112.3dB
• Impedance: 60hms (min. 3.5 ohm @140 Hz)
• Horizontal diffusion angle: 140*
• Crossover point: 380 Hz, 2,850Hz
• Cabinet material: Reinforced ¾- inch MDF plate 
• Size (H.W.D.): 66x35x29.2cm, 87x35x33cm (including base)
• Weight: 20kg/23.6kg (with base)
• Accessories: 5* angle base
• Reference price: Taiwanese dollars 109,900 yuan