Model Five Floorstanding Speaker

(72 customer reviews)

The Model Five acoustic suspension speaker is known as one of the finest and most sought-after speakers for audiophiles, both new and seasoned. Our updated version of this classic speaker has real wood veneers, cast aluminum baskets, and uses acoustic suspension design principles made famous by founder Henry Kloss.

This product is only available for purchase through our authorized KLH dealers throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Please refer to our dealer locator to find a dealer or distributor near you.

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1,645.00 each inc. IVA

Three Amazing Finishes

The KLH Model Five vintage speaker is offered in three gorgeous finishes (English Walnut, West African Mahogany, and Nordic Noir), allowing the loudspeaker to blend with all home decor. The English Walnut Model Five comes with a beautiful Stone Wash Linen grille cloth that magnifies the rich finish of the real wood veneers. Meanwhile, our West African Mahogany finish is complemented by an Old-World Linen grille cloth that will stop you in your tracks. And lastly, the Nordic Noir finish is shipped wearing the lovely Medici Grey Linen grille cloth. Want the option of pairing any grille cloth with the finish of your choosing? Don’t worry- you can purchase each style separately below! 

Riser base and grilles included with speaker purchase

Model Five No grille
Model Five with Stonewash grill

Iconic Mid-Century Modern Styling

  • Acoustic Suspension Design – The most accurate and linear enclosure design available today
  • Three-Position Acoustic Balance Control to tailor the loudspeaker’s output for the most difficult acoustic environments
  • Dedicated midrange driver to reproduce the critical mid-frequency band
  • Non-Resonant Die-Cast Aluminum Midrange & Woofer Frames
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Tweeter Faceplate
  • KLH cabinetry featuring a structurally reinforced ¾” MDF enclosure
  • Thirteen component network using high-quality iron-core inductors & Mylar capacitors
  • 5° slant riser base made of powder coated 14-gauge steel (included with speaker purchase)
  • Low-profile magnet attached grille
  • 10-Year Warranty
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“This speaker gave me a presentation that I had not heard through anything else… have you ever had a dessert at a really good restaurant and you just kind of have to sit down and not think about anything else for a second- just take in the wonderment? That’s what it was like.”

-Randy at cheapaudioman

 “…these speakers move my heart… At one point I realized my heart was affected by the music. Now, this does not happen to me often, but it did…”

-Thomas & Stereo

 “The KLH M5s are intoxication kings, urging me to hear my most beloved vinyl via its big personality and well-scaled dimensionality.”

“Mostly, the speaker played with a detailed, sparkling upper/mid/treble chutzpah that favored and seemed to amplify texture and viscosity. Notes had realistic weight and body. These Model Fives are attention-getters of the first order, delivering a big soundstage and big, juicy dynamics.”

Ken Micallef – Stereophile

 “…I have nothing but praise for the clarity of the midrange, the robustness of the middle and upper bass, and the voicing across the entire frequency range.”

“This is a case where old school and cutting edge have combined to create something that’s truly special—and at a very reasonable price.”

Doug Schneider – SoundStage! Network 

 “…KLH just set a master class on how to get it done right.

“I think this is a solution that many people have been waiting for- a speaker that has an old school aesthetic, a speaker that has the kind of sound that’s like a fusion between that big, fun, old school presentation with some of the more modern technical achievements that audiophiles expect from present day speakers.”

“It’s a speaker that gives you just enough of those audiophile benefits while at the same time offering up a consistent and fun listening experience, which allows you to go back to the ritual of just enjoying music for the sake of enjoying music.”
“This is one of the few products where I got excited for both the consumer as well as myself, because I actually struggled to review this product… I was so much more focused on just going through my music collection and freaking enjoying it.”

—Sean Fowler, Zero Fidelity (YouTube) 

 “The Model Five is, for me, a near-perfect hybrid between the clarity and immediacy one gets from high-efficiency loudspeakers combined with the raw grip and control really only found in high-end powered monitors…. I thought about starting or ending this review with a clapping.”

—Andrew Robinson, “Best Loudspeakers Under $2,000,” 

“Finally, and most importantly- these speakers move my heart… At one point I realized my heart was affected by the music. I had to put down my keyboard and continue enjoying the music. Now, this does not happen to me often, but it did…”

“The soundstage is big. Mr. Clark has the Quad 2905 electrostatic speakers. The soundstage from those speakers is ginormous, yet Mr. Clark was still so impressed with the Model Five soundstage that he called these Model Fives the Quad on steroids.”

“The bass is fantastic. It reminds me of some vintage speakers that I’ve listened to over the years. I like how tight the bass is with the Model Five without it being overly tight. The bass is full. It feels like it goes deep and has just the right amount of punch.”

Thomas & Stereo

Model Five Awards


Eager to take your Model Fives to the dark side? Now you can with the Basalt Black Knit Grilles! Like the original grille clothes, these black beauties are both magnetic and acoustically transparent. No other grille accessory will make as bold of a statement on the English Walnut and West African Mahogany Model Three finishes as the new Basalt Black Knit grilles.

€ 295.00 (pair) inc. IVA

Model Five Old World Linen Grille


There is nothing more visually inviting than the look of the classic Old World Linen grille cloth on a KLH Model Five. This magnetic, textured grille cloth makes a statement on both the Mahogany and English Walnut finish by accomplishing that mid-century modern appeal. With the cast-zinc vintage KLH logo in the bottom corner, your Model Five will be the focal point of your listening space while dressed in the Old World Linen grilles.

€ 295.00 (pair) inc. IVA

Model Five Stonewash Linen Grill


No look compares to that of the KLH Model Five when it is dressed in this stunningly beautiful Stonewash Linen cloth grille. The elegant acoustically transparent canvas of the grille perfectly complements the refined, rich mahogany finish of this classic American loudspeaker, giving it the modern-day, retro vibe that turns heads. This custom order accessory ships in sets of two and is the addition your Model Five shouldn’t stand without.

€ 295.00 (pair) inc. IVA

5 Degree Slant Riser Base for Model Five


The Model Five stands strong on a 5-degree slant riser base made from powder-coated 14-gauge steel. The riser base’s upward angular stance ensures the sound is directed accurately toward the listener, while the steel guarantees it to be a solid and non-resonant speaker base. This base can be used for speakers of all kinds but is made perfectly for our KLH Model Five.

€ 275.00 each inc. IVA


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72 reviews for Model Five Floorstanding Speaker

  1. Anonymous

    Powerful Perfection- I’ve finally purchased my first pair of “real” speakers – not skinny towers or bookshelf speakers that sound fine, but ones to please audiophile ears. These Model 5s not only look amazing, but sound fantastic, too. A huge, well rounded sound that can handle significant volume, deep bass, and subtle details. From acoustic to classical, Cat Stevens to Foo Fighters, these babies deliver the goods. Don’t hesitate. Worth every penny…

  2. David

    Yes I have these literally 2′ to 3′ in front of my face at my desk. Mainly because I have no space in my office/bedroom. I’m breaking these in from 50 to 500 hours as some have suggested. What paper cones do, and JBL uses them almost exclusively, is for purity of tone. Why use synthetic but some like that muddy sound for a more relaxing experience. This speaker separates everything and with the air suspension design I think it’s more nimble and less boomy bass. It’s a rock and roll east coast sound in the bas department however it’s well defined like most modern speakers and monitors provide. It’s a hybrid old school with a touch of modern refinement. I wonder because all the original reviews said these were $2,000 retail so why are they all now $2,500? That’s a massive jump. I bought mine like new used likely tested and returned but I couldn’t tell they had ever been opened. Someone literally stated that without 500 hours of breakin you wouldn’t even know how they sound. Well if they get better that’s awesome. You have to admit that after a while boomy bass is the most annoying thing on the planet. It’s fun for a moment but gets old fast. Accurate bass is really pleasing for hours or listening. Smooth, clean, toneful an accurate. This can do both but it’s not going to rattle the windows. I listen to music as I work near my face so my head is almost inside the 10″ cone but also at low volume most of the time. It’s really nice but might be even better back about 8′. I probably have the largest desktop speakers in history with these. I only have an Ican pre-amp and main amp Cambridge 80 watts. I can switch to tube inside the Ican if I want a little less clean energy but it seems to prefer clean solid state energy. Many people have commented concerning which amp but I don’t have an amp collection. 80 Watts seems to drive it fine.

  3. Steven from Watertown, MA

    Love ’em so far! Vintage style like me 🙂 Music sounds slightly warm and clear at many different volumes . Dunno if the ‘break-in’ stuff is truth or fiction, but they do seem to be opening up a bit after 12+ hours of listening. I would NOT consider myself an audiophile, just a boomer musician who enjoys stuff that sounds REAL! Looking forward to upgrading my amp and hearing these get even better…

  4. Bart from Valley Park, MO

    Super Happy with KLH Model Five
    I liked these speakers initially, but after 3 weeks I’m growing to love them. Maybe they are breaking in or maybe I’m becoming more attuned to their sound. I wanted something new and different after many years with the same stereo system, and I did a lot of research, prioritizing budget, room size and sound. Along with the KLH Model 5, I got a Rotel 1572 MkII integrated amp and an iFi Zen Stream. I listen primarily to jazz (all kinds), guitar-centric rock (Eric Johnson, SRV, Jan Akkerman, Steve Morse…) and classical, and I’m finding that these speakers do all of those well. They’re perfect for jazz – great detail, open sound stage and tight, clean bass. Of course, the Rotel and Zen Stream are part of the equation. My listening is mainly at low to moderate volume levels, but they sound really good at high volume. Depending on musical taste, some people might want to use a sub-woofer, but I prefer the bass as is. It’s difficult to pick the perfect system without hearing it in person – I’m old enough to remember when there were many good hi-fi stores in my area, now it’s down to 2 that I know of, and they cater mainly to custom home theater setups for wealthy people. The helpful folks at Crutchfield are about the next best option to having a good brick & mortar store in your area.
    Pros: Clean, detailed, spacious sound. Tight, accurate bass, detailed midrange and treble. Sounds good at all volume levels (with my amp).
    Cons: For me, none.

  5. James from Wisc Rapids, WI

    I saw and heard the early generation of KLH speakers as a college student in the early 70’s who could only set goals to eventually own a pair for myself. After marriage, kids, and clawing my way up to middle management, my time finally came! My KLH 5’s need no justification to my retired friends with big opinions and hearing aids! Even THEY get it!

  6. Thomas from BRENTWOOD, CA

    When I saw the Walnut with Linen Grill combination it was love at first sight! I spent a month reading every review I could and more importantly the youtube reviews. I must have replayed each 10 times comparing and contrasting what each reviewer said about them. Since I got back into vinyl 7 years ago I have been slowly improving and updating my system within in a reasonable cost. Currently have at upgraded Thorens TD 160 Mk II with Jelco 750 arm, Mcintosh MA 252 and was running Klipsh Chorus II. I love the Klipsch but in my new room they were too large and frankly dated looking with Oak. I love the dynamic energy that the Klipsch produce…that “live” feeling. The Model 5 remind me of that! I tried 2 different towers (Wharfedale, Monitor Silver) and both were warm mids with very clear highs, but the Model 5 is more dynamic and the bass is so tight and controlled. If you are bass head you’ll probably want a sub, but I love the realism. They absolutely nailed the Mid Century vibe and I love just looking at them.

  7. Thomas from New York, NY

    My last set of speakers!
    Sounds great out of the box! Very clean. As the speaks start to break-in, the sound becomes fuller. I can listen to these speaker forever.

  8. Christopher from San Francisco, CA

    Non Audio Guy Review
    Admittedly, I’m not an audiophile (or is it audiofile?), but I love listening to music, live shows, and technology. I have vinyl from the 80’s (hair metal anyone?) and a desire to listen to some analog since almost all of my music is now compressed iTunes music streaming through my house and vehicle. I bought the KHL Model Fives because I read/watched a number of solid reviews and quite honestly, they look like speakers I’d want in my home versus the plastic spaceships that I know sound amazing, but look horrible. These speakers certainly hit the aesthetic I wanted and the sound is warm and inviting in comparison to the sound I get from my streaming music catalog. I do need more time and a deeper vinyl catalog to give these speakers the full run, but so far, so good. Now, do I need a sub-wolfer? Oh no, I’m becoming that guy.

    Pros: Sound amazing. Look even better.

    Cons: Not free.

  9. Tommy from Lakeland, FL

    They sound and look very good. I’ve always wanted a set of speakers like my ar5’s years ago and these are the ones.
    Pros: Sound, looks, quality construction
    Cons: Critical placement

  10. ryan

    Excellent speakers, internal build quality is excellent , trust me I took them apart. Actually… decently built crossover , (iron core inductors). Sound is clean and precise , vocals are excellent , Get a good DAC and amplifier , Dont buy 2500 speakers and run a 150 amplifier. I could us a tad more base on the lower end , other than that great entry level audiophile speaker ! Meaning yes there are way more expensive better speakers, but these are Great !

  11. Michael from Newport, TN

    Was very pleased with the speakers. Thank you. Michael Kelly.

  12. Bradley from SPOKANE, WA

    Beautiful performance for vintage and current rock
    I bought these specifically to hear my vinyl collection from middle and high school. I’m listening to Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zeppelin I, Ray Charles Genius+Soul=Jazz, and a couple of Fleetwood Mac albums, all vinyl remastered and on 180 gram discs. My amp is a Rotel RA-1572MKII, 120w. My wife works upstairs, so I wanted a system that I could listen to at very low levels and sound like I was in the second row. Summary: The sound from these speakers brought a tear to my eyes as I heard the breath of Christine McVay on Songbird. I have never heard the sound so clear before, and quite honestly had skipped over that track as a teenager. The KOH Model 5’s are soft, roomy and warm with a full-spectrum sound, and in my opinion, faithfully reproduce the 60’s-early to mid 70’s vinyl sound. I was told at a stereo shop in the mid 70’s that a good pair of speakers can reproduce quality sound at a low level, and that is what I got: great bass at low levels with normal mids and sharp highs. I decided to crank it to 75/95 on the Rotel while streaming Samantha Fish’s I Put a Spell on You, live version from Tidal. I’ve got my Bluesound Node connected via a Helios Coax audio cable. My KLH Model Five’s held up super strong, no distortion, only the house rumbling and my wife letting me know that we have neighbors. If you want a vintage, wood, high quality piece of furniture that replicates vintage rock sound, these are for you. Get a solid amp to push these gems.
    Pros: Great sound, vintage furniture look, modern tech applied to acoustic suspension. Great bass in the corner of your listening room; can place near walls. Can handle over 120 w from an HQ amp
    Cons: None

  13. Richard from Mckinney, TX

    These speakers sound great out of the box. I can only imagine they will improve after the break in period. My Crutchfield rep Sam was outstanding in guiding me to this purchase. This overall process was great!

  14. John from Taylor, MI

    Fantastic speaker for the price. True audiophiles driven with proper equipment. Enjoying them immensely.

  15. Dustin

    Nina Simone Comes Alive ! Well it is a Model 5 after all. Some equipment details: Vertical, linear tracking, quartz servo controlled belt drive turntable 41 years young with AT VM540ML cartridge, Music Hall phono stage, complete solid state separates power and pre-amp at 105 watts/channel into 8ohms. Room size 14′ x 16′ with 9 ft ceilings and 7 windows on 2 walls. Tested with Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Grateful Dead, CSNY, Santana, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, King Crimson, Yes, etc. so as you can see my tastes are very broad and will challenge any speakers. First, I thought I was hearing the brightness of the Aluminum tweeter. But this was overcome by the wide and deep soundstage, speed, accuracy and detail that I wasn’t getting from my Wharfedale Denton 80’s with a separate sub. I love the Wharfee’s but lacked detail and dynamics…great midrange for acoustical piano, guitar etc. After 60 hours, they have loosened up and are warmer. The brightness is mostly due to the recording and the amount of info the AT cartridge extracts from lesser pressings. These have solid bass, again pressing dependent. I don’t plan to use my sub anymore. Placement is a breeze, no more dragging speakers 2 feet from the front wall for ported designs. The Walnut is a satin milk chocolate and while its wood veneer it doesn’t have the detail and character of the Wharfedales….don’t get me wrong built well with 3/4″ MDF, wood veneer, 52 lbs. and a 10 year warranty ! KLH — Keep Listening Hifiers ! Pros: Detail, clarity, speed and accuracy from a true 3 way design. Placement friendly. Well built. Excellent sound from a variety of music types.

    Cons: Priced a bit above Wharfedale Linton 80’s, their toughest competitor. But if you have placement challenges using rear ports, buy these!

  16. Crutchfield customer from Coloma, WI

    Let me start this off by saying, NOTHING gets a 5 star review, nothing is perfect… Now that’s out of the way… Speakers are incredible, sound great, look great, were everything I paid for… It took about 4hrs to get them tuned to my liking, that’s not the speakers, but a change in what speakers I had before, got them tuned, dialed in and they are fantastic, great mids and highs, the bass need a little help, solved that, and I am completely satisfied… Now for the not so “incredible”… The grills for the speakers were loose on the frame, as in they weren’t secured all the way around, for the $$$, I expected better attention to detail, HOWEVER, I reached out to Crutchfield CS, and they did me right, I took photos of the grills, emailed them off for examination, CS agreed that they weren’t up to standard, made the effort to get me new grills off another pair and sent them out lickety-split…I received them today, and were in “perfect” condition, packaged up the original grills for return, printed the return label and they’ll go out tomorrow… While the speaker grills may not have been up to snuff, Crutchfield CS was top notch, and THIS is why I do business with Crutchfield… Pros: Everything… Cons: QC, closer attention to detail…

  17. Chris from MADERA, CA

    Best Vintage Style Speaker- OMG! These are the BEST speakers I have ever owned. And I have owned several quality sets. I drive them with a Parasound amp/pre amp and use only vinyl media. Rock is awesome but jazz and anything live (Clapton Uplugged, eg) is STELLAR. Can’t be happier!!! Pros: Soundstage, constuction, value Cons: None

  18. Mike Saccone

    I literally purchased a pair of the KLH Model 5 speakers yesterday from ListenUp in Denver, CO. All I can say is wow. Right out of the box they sound amazing. So warm and engaging. I cannot wait to hear them once they break in a bit. They also look amazing. Just a perfect balance of sound and aesthetics. In addition, I wanted to mention how great the customer service is. As I was unpacking one of the stands, the bag it was in stuck to the adhesive padding and ripped a piece off one of the stands. I called KLH, actually spoke to a person (so nice), and KLH resolved it by agreeing to ship me a new stand at no cost. Overall, just a great experience and it’s nice supporting a U.S. based company. Great product and even better customer service. I am a lifelong customer and highly recommend these, especially for the price.

  19. Lawrence from Hunlock Creek, PA

    KLH Model 5, new vintage- Bought these to connect to a vintage Pioneer system. The sound is excellent, sound stage is impressive. I took advantage of Crutchfields scratch and dent pricing, couldn’t be happier. One unit was perfect, the other has a tiny flaw that you really have to look for. I purchased the walnut with the stone washed grills, very attractive speakers. Lots of reviews , some saying these are hard to drive, others say not so much. KLH states min amp power at 20 watts with sensitivity at 90.5 dB. I think these are a little harder to drive than these numbers would suggest. I’m old school, sensitivity is measured with 1 watt input at a distance of one meter. KLH measures at distance of 1 meter with 2.8 watt input. Kind of skews the numbers. Overall I really enjoy these speakers. The sound , appearance, and ease of setup make these an exceptional value. Highly recommend.

  20. J. Taylor

    The RAVING reviews are TRUE!
    Like me, you have probably read all of the reviews, watched what videos you could on line, and are in the market for the best sounding speakers for the investment. Look no further, IMO. These speakers surpass expectations. In addition to all of the other superlatives you have or will read, these speakers simply sound deliciously. They arrived extremely well packaged, are easy to set up, don’t require excessive fine tuning for optimum placement and amaze every time you sit down to listen. Set them up toe in, square, or toe slightly out. I currently have mine toed slightly out for an even wider sound-stage. I keep my grills on, which are amazingly easy to remove and replace thanks to their magnetic design. What more can I say that has not already been said? As a side note, my speakers were shipped with two tracking numbers, they arrived at the same time but the UPS driver only brought one to my door. Naturally, I took the day off from work for the “arrival”. Since I was home I was able to see the driver bring one of them to my door. I opened the door, thanked him for bringing it up, and then said…”before you go, there should be another”. He then checked his info and then checked in the back of the truck and after a bit of digging, brought the other speaker to my door. Carried it on his shoulder, impressive, they are not light and are a handful upon arrival as they are packaged together with the high quality stand. Had I not been home, I would have enjoyed trying to track down my 2nd speaker, imagine how much fun that would have been! You’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these already legendary speakers and you only get ONE to try out! OH THE HUMANITY! lol Anyway, it all worked out, couldn’t be happier with the KLH Model 5’s.

  21. Anonymous

    I had been looking for a vintage styled speaker for a while and have been thrilled at the offerings as of late from Wharfdale, JBL, KLH, etc. This led to me stalling and unable to make a decision. After demoing the Non-KLH models in person, I was itching to hear the Model 5 in person, but no dealers in my area. I took a leap of faith and ordered a pair from Audio Advisor and I could not be happier. First off, these speakers are plain gorgeous! (Walnut) They fit my mid century modern designed home perfectly!! And lets be honest, when your lady walks through the door and says, “Wow! Those are beautiful!” it drives it home how great looking they are. Now for the sound! The details remain crisp and clear with no distortion as the volume goes up. Vocals sound amazing across a range of genres. I had to tweak positioning to get the mids just right, but once I found the sweet spot, boy do they sound great! Lows are punchy and thick, but do not expect a thump that you can feel in your chest. For some songs I long for a sub, but for 90 percent of my listening they sound perfect! I am pushing them with a 100 wpc MA6300 which really makes them sing when I open her up. There are times when they sound so good I have to stop what I am doing and just pay attention to the music. Overall, I think these are cleaner then the Wharfdale Lintons and not as in your face as the JBL L100s. If you want crisp detailed sound in an visually appealing speaker, grab a set of Model 5s.

  22. BlueSky61

    These speakers bring me back the the 70?s, only there is more clarity and bass than I remember. They put a smile on my face and I highly recommend them.

  23. Bernardo S.

    Amazing speakers. They sound great and they look gorgeous! Also, the customer service (I basically just contact them for simple setup questions) is top notch!

  24. Daniel

    Great sound with great looks! Bought these to replace bookshelf speakers (Kef ls50) in our great room. The improvement was immediate. The KLH present a fuller soundstage with great dynamics. Very happy with our purchase from Crutchfield.

    Pros: Sound quality Great ‘retro’ styling

    Cons: English Walnut is a different shade then our other walnut furniture

  25. Thomas Lyon

    Excellent speakers. Extraordinary full and natural sound. Very clear tight bass, and surprisingly present on vocals, with detailed imaging. They make me want to listen to my CD collection all over again!

  26. Ken

    Outstanding speaker. Competes with much more expensive speakers. Best bang for the buck!

  27. Simon Court

    Worth every $ and more. I watched hours and hours of reviews before choosing these I am so happy. I have them paired with a stunning Class A amp. BUY THESE SPEAKERS! Just amazing.

  28. Thomas Lyon

    Excellent speakers. Extraordinary full and natural sound. Very clear tight bass, and surprisingly present on vocals, with detailed imaging. They make me want to listen to my CD collection all over again!

  29. Anonymous

    Great sound and the vintage vibe. Yes.

  30. Etienne Leflo…

    This is a very interesting product. I love the walnut fit and finnish. My speakers came with the linen grills. These look fantastic. This speaker takes about 30 hours to break in and toe-in is a must. The speakers respond to every change in speaker placement and cable selection. Right now I am using a Dynaco ST-70, MIT CVT 1 speaker cables, Cardas Clear interconnects and a ARC SP11 Preamplifier. 30 Watts of of EL-34 power never sounded so good.

  31. Anonymous

    Listen Up People! Killer Diller vintage looks YES! But quit buying these speakers if you’re looking for a vintage sound. Will they make a lot of your old 60s and 70s LPs and CDs sound better than super high dollar audiophile speakers – Yes. But be forewarned, these are actually hi-fi speakers. Super wide soundstage, great center image, good image specificity, good to very good depth (with tube amps, I don’t use transistors on main speakers). They are just the tiniest smidge on the cool side of neutral and are surprisingly high in resolution – clean, well recorded audiophile recordings are stupid good on these speakers, but nasty gritty recordings will still sound nasty and gritty. They don’t have any glare and they don’t shout like horn speakers do. The bass has that satisfying natural and tuneful feel that only sealed boxes do, and benefits from being within a foot or two of the front wall (which is normally a no-no). The included stands are superb and a must for tonal balance. They make this a great walk around while listening, turn it up during a party speaker. BUT BE ADVISED, while these are cool as rule vintage looking units – they are serious sit down and listen to your best stuff speakers. One more thing, I looked at all the pics on the web, watched all the YouTube videos – none do the mahogany veneer justice. Kevin sent consecutive serial numbers with identical wood grain and the fit and finish is superb.

  32. Marlin M.

    My purchase was simple and my speakers arrived very quickly! I also appreciated Customer Service calling me to confirm purchase and delivery details and ensuring my delivery was free. Easy-peasy!

  33. Steven Hamilton

    The performance of the KLH Model Five speakers is fantastic, they exceeded my expectations. The only issue I have is the grill cover fabric on one of the speaker covers has fabric that is not tight and the KLH logo is slightly crooked.

  34. Anonymous

    Great sound and the vintage vibe. Yes.

  35. Etienne Leflo…

    This is a very interesting product. I love the walnut fit and finnish. My speakers came with the linen grills. These look fantastic. This speaker takes about 30 hours to break in and toe-in is a must. The speakers respond to every change in speaker placement and cable selection. Right now I am using a Dynaco ST-70, MIT CVT 1 speaker cables, Cardas Clear interconnects and a ARC SP11 Preamplifier. 30 Watts of of EL-34 power never sounded so good.

  36. Jeffery

    Speakers have great low end
    Speakers have great low end frequency response and tight bass, great clear mid range and great clear high frequency response. These are the greatest speakers I have ever owned.

  37. Michael

    The sound of my youth! Having auditioned the Klipsch, JBL, etc., large old school cabinet speakers, I could never justify the price. Well, along comes KLH. These Model 5 speakers are just as good, and actually better than the similar speakers I have heard at two, three and four times the price. The soundstage of these speakers, in my listening area, is GYNORMOUS! The highs have that sparkle, not bright, grainy or harsh, a more natural in the studio or at the club sound. Mid range is present, but invisible, the speakers are invisible, You do not know they are there, the room is filled with sound, it is just incredible. The bass, I have two SVS SB3000 subs, I will put them into the mix for movie night, I ditched the home theater set up. But honestly, for most music, the bass on the Model 5’s is there, it hits very low in my room, so low you can feel the bass in your feet. And the bass is tight, musical, and will get pretty darn low, tight and controlled, no boom, it is an acoustic suspension speaker. I have only had time to hook them up to my SVS Soundbase, and the sound was incredible. I have an XPA 2 that I would like to try with these, and a XTZ Edge A2-400 Class D that I will try too. I just picked up the Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamer. I’m really curious how the DAC on that unit compares to the DAC in the SVS Soundbase. Then we also have a Schiit Gumby, and some other preamps, Freya, Emotiva, etc… For the money, I do not think you can go wrong, even with the recent price increase, they are worth every penny in my book. I can only imagine how these will sound on better gear, it is only up from here. And thank you Jay for locking down the Demo speakers, you are the man!

  38. Zachariah Bu…

    The KLH model five is a great speaker. It makes everything sound good and it does it an a way that feels effortless. I’d say it’s slightly on the brighter side of neutral, but not in a way that’s fatiguing. Plus with the treble attenuator you have the ability to tame the highs a bit if you need to. For me though, the thing that stands out the most about this speaker is the vocal clarity. Without a doubt, vocals are clearer with the model five than any other speaker I’ve heard. Upscale audio was great as well. They were very quick with their responses to any issues or questions I had, and kept me up to date with the status of my order. A great speaker from a great seller. You won’t be disappointed!

  39. Kenneth Ost…

    I really love these. Upscale shipped them out super fast and I’ve been listening 6 hrs a day. I can’t stop, they do that toe tapping thing. Zero listening fatigue. Take the time to position them and you will be rewarded. They opened up more at 20 hrs and will continue to sound better. I usually listen with my sub off. Very tight satisfying bass. I’ve had speakers in the 4K range and these are more satisfying.


    Whoa!… These look and sound Great. They haven’t even been broken in yet. I bought them just for my Pro-ject turntable powered by my Prima Luna tube amp, and EAT phono stage. The metal stands that come with them gives them the right tilt for the sound I’m looking for. Jazz, Rock, Easy Listening, KLH 5s can handle it..

  41. John from Brookline,MA

    Which is it? Either way near perfection for the budget. Remarkably accurate given how warm they are. Remarkably warm given how accurate they are. For those who want to have their cake and eat it too, these are a great compromise (or, to be fair, combination) between the musicality and joy of 1970’s era hi-fi gear, and the accuracy of more modern analytical gear. Some have worried about the harshness of the high end for some recordings. I’m not sure about that. they are not forgiving of poorly recorded source material, but should a high end speaker be forgiving? Not if it’s going to extract maximum joy from great recordings. These are fuller than the Linton Heritage, and far more joyous than the KEF LS50 metas, both of which I’ve auditioned in my home. At the price, head and shoulders. And, for the icing on the cake, these go perfectly in a mid-century modern look. Perfect for the living room in any decor. They are proper furniture – especially with the slight jaunty tilt of the stands. Get these now. Pros: Liquid mid-range, musical presentation Disappear similarly into the music Disappear into any high end decor Cons: Not overly kind to poor recordings at the high end Won’t blow away your relatives who think great speakers need to look like they are from Star Trek

  42. Dennis from Carbondale, CO

    Beautiful sounds-At first listen these KLH sounded too bright, and frankly, a little disappointing. I played music on them in an empty room for around 5 days, then hooked them up in the living room, to an Outlaw Audio 110 w/channel amp. Now they are sounding beautiful! I have an RSL subwoofer, but ended up deciding they sounded much clearer and more balanced without the Sub. The bass is excellent, the mid and upper are too. Plus, I love the way they look! It’s a cliche, but listening to the Beatles White album I really was hearing it in a new way. I put on some AC/DC and cranked it up loud, so yes these speakers will rock! I often play an internet streaming station called Folk Alley, and it sounds very good with the KLH 5’s. Great, great speakers, but they take a little breaking in, so be patient. I love’em!!

  43. Paul

    Surprise Surprise. Been a long time since I’ve listened to acoustic suspension speakers, but I’ve got to say that the Model 5 is beautifully balanced and shows the positive characteristics of the design…..namely smooth and well articulated bass. Overall, the bass, mids, and highs are well integrated. These speakers are being used with entry level electronics….I can only imagine how goid they could sound with higher end gear. Well worth the asking price. 

  44. Seth S.

    Amazing speakers-Zero complaints about the performance of these speakers. They took about 4 months to arrive, but other than that I’m very pleased.

  45. B.

    Great Speaker- Really solid overall performance, I am digging the “acoustic suspension” sound. While I’ve never subscribed to the idea of a break in period, this speaker really did seem to benefit from several hours of play before it started to rock.

  46. Crutchfield customer from Graysville, PA

    Big Musical Sound In A Small box- This is a speaker with a big musical sound in a small acoustic suspension box. The cliche applies: the KLH Modl Five “punches above its weight”, and the price is competitive. The Model Five is not a reproduction of a vintage KLH but is an up to date speaker with good clarity and imaging while being quite musical. Some listeners may appreciate the addition of a subwoofer. Depending on room acoustics and careful speaker placement, a subwoofer may not be missed. Correct placement can yield a wide sound stage (behind the speakers). While I would not choose these speakers for large-scale orchestral music, solo instrumentalists, singers, small chamber, jazz, and folk groups, playing acoustic or electric/electronic instruments all yield sound that rewards music enthusiasts. The high frequencies can be modestly rolled off by a rear mounted control, and these speakers will never induce fatigue. My best guess is that the Model Five can be coupled with almost any type of amplifier that can supply sufficient current. Pros: Big musical sound reproduction in small cabinet. Good clarity and imaging. Competitive price. Cons: Not ideal for large scale orchestral music. An amplifier with a “loudness” control would enhance low volume listening. Not ideal for “off-axis” listening.

  47. John Murphy

    Awesome sound when u get a level ( yes there’s always better) when u miss nothing in sound you are there . Model 5 Accomplish that thank you

  48. Frank from Portland, OR

    I have read on several reviews that they are more musical than analytical. This is the reason I decided to buy them and the return window is why I decided to purchase them from Crutchfield. When I hooked these up the first thing I thought was “oh no these are going to give me ear fatigue”. The treble was too much but I did read that I may need to break these in a bit. From KLH: “.some amount of “break-in” is required. In order for your loudspeakers to sound their best, played at a moderate volume for at least 8 hours prior to any critical listening.” My setup: * Cambridge Audio AXR100 integrated amp * AT-LP120X Turntable with an NAGAOKA MP-110H Cartridge going through a Schiit Mani * Bluesound Node, Denafrips Ares II, Roon, Tidal * AudioQuest Golden Gate RCA interconnects. Room: * 11 x 11 * 2- 2 x 4 sound absorption panels behind each KLH Search for L.O.T.S on YouTube. This placement trick helped reduce some of the ear fatigue I was experiencing as I found that reducing the toe-in during the burn-in period would allow me to run music for extended sessions. My Model 5s are pulled away from the wall 2.5′ with no toe-in. From KLH: “The KLH Model Five loudspeaker is tuned for 6 to 24 inches off the back wall..” My first time going down a serious path with 2 channel stereo and it took some work. I’ve always had decent gear but it was almost always built for home theater and now I am lucky enough to have Pros: Musical yet neutral , decent soundstage, beautiful design, Movies sounded great especially concerts going through my DAC.
    Cons: Heavy if you need to move these around, break in period, may need a sub if you need to go deeper, highs can be a bit much depending on your gear.

  49. Heidi E C

    The Model 5 is everything my husband ask for…Excellent service and shipping…Thank you World Wide Stereo

  50. Anthony M

    Outstanding Sound Quality- Very impressed with the sound and amazing imaging. Beautiful tone and solid base. Also, very pleasing to the eye with a classy expensive look. Very satisfied customer here. Thanks KLH! A big shout out to World Wide Stereo for a lightning fast delivery!

  51. Crutchfield customer from Westerville, OH

    Relax, enjoy the music. Stop listening to equipment! My very first pair of hi-fi speakers were acoustic suspension (Ohm Acoustics model E). Then later I upgraded to Boston Acoustics A200’s, also acoustic suspension. Over the years, I wanted to place my TV cabinet between my speakers for home theater, the Bostons where thin, and designed to be placed up against the wall behind them. So I replaced them with ported speakers, out away from the walls, and have been miserable since. Sealed speakers just sound right in the bass. Once you have enjoyed sealed speakers, you cannot go back. Even if the sealed speaker does not have as much bass as a similar ported one, the bass is clean. Ported speakers produce bass that just sounds like blowing over a jug. I bought these for my rec room system, but secretly hoped they would work in my main two channel system. Unfortunately, they just did not work as well as I hoped in my large open great room (approx. 17.5 x 18x12H), open to a dining room and large foyer (subwoofer perhaps?). So I moved them to my rec room, still not small (16x24x7.5) but here, I could move them closer to the walls. The KLHs do benefit from room gain. They sounded great, even with my Denon 5.1 set up. Running them in stereo, they immediately sounded great. I fiddled with the placement a bit, and decided I liked them even better with my sub (SVS SB1000, also sealed, crossing over at 60Hz). They sound amazing. After close to 20 years of ported speaker hooting, the smile is back on my face. Amazing sound Pros: Great sound, clean, clear, punchy bass Image like crazy – hey fat speakers aren’t supposed to do that! Not as big as they look on the web – in fact my wife loves they way they look. Comes with stands. They sound great with the grill cloth on. Walnut with white linen look retro fabulous. Play plenty loud and clean with Denon AVR, 110 watts/channel with two channels driven. Cons: Benefit from room gain (place closer to the walls than ported speakers). This may actually be a pro. May get just a bit zingy from time-to-time with certain recordings. They take a few days to open up and swing. Now I want a second pair!

  52. Paquito Lu

    Was Very Happy with this new KLH5, Big Sound, Clarity, Bass….. All in One!!!

  53. Ian

    I’m listening to my new KLH Model 5’s while writing this review, and I’m struggling a little to type out the words. These speakers DEMAND your attention, and I mean this in the absolute best way possible. I think the best part is that over the past 3 weeks they have made me dig records out of my collection that I would traditionally avoid. I listen to alot of indie-rock type stuff, and the recording/mastering quality isn’t always amazing. More times than not, I find that I’m now getting enjoyment these “problem” records… where on my previously owned speakers I would always cringe a bit. And on good recordings? These speakers just blow me away. The Model 5’s have the perfect amount of detail, body, and “musicality” without coloring the sound all that much. They just sound right. If you are on the fence, please do yourself a favor and purchase these. As I’ve shopped around, I’ve had several other speakers in the $1,200 – $2,000 through my house. The KLH 5’s are the clear winner to me, especially after they have broken in a bit. I look forward to enjoying these for a very long time, thank you KLH!

  54. Timothy from Kalamazoo, MI

    Retro aesthetic meets audiophile fidelity- My son, now 31, has been into vinyl since his college days. I remember him drooling over my 500 record collection that lived on a storage shelf in our basement – there was simply no real estate available to accommodate 6 crates of records in the same room housing the monstrous furniture and numerous a/v components of the home theatre age. A few months ago, I smelled a musty odor in the TV room. As I tried to pull the stereo cabinet away from the wall to investigate, it literally crumbled. The engineered wood had sucked up the water like a sponge, rotting from the inside out. After installing gutters to address the root cause of the water leak, it was time to rethink the room. The “Ghost of Stereos Past” was calling my name. By coincidence, we had recently created another home theatre space elsewhere in the house, using smaller Sonos components. I realized I had an opportunity to resurrect a vintage-style audio system for my records. And nothing screams “VINTAGE” louder than the KLH Model 5. The mahogany finish, linen grills and 44 lb heft are circa 1978. However, these speakers not only sport the cool retro aesthetic, they are the best sounding speakers I’ve ever owned. The imaging is superb, delivering mid- and high-frequency detail I haven’t heard before in my music. The sealed cabinet produces tight, punchy bass, without that overstated boomy sound. The only downside to the 5’s is they will test your amplifier – make sure you have enough power to dri Pros:¬†- Beautifully crafted – Incredible mids and highs – Tight, punch bass – Detailed soundstage/imaging Cons:¬†- Expensive – Heavy (careful when lifting!) – Not suited for low-powered amplifier (recommend 60 w/c minimum)

  55. Spencer Griffin

    Hey my KLH Model 5’s arrived yesterday… WOW just WOW!!!! I had been dying to get a set of speakers to complete my vintage stereo rebuild, had been looking at speakers on eBay etc to keep the vintage theme going BUT after reading other reviews I went with these and I am here to tell you these are AMAZING… Unreal, brilliant. This is definitely a out of park grand slam of a job, the build quality, finish, packaging and even the retro envelope color and letter.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. P.S. In my will my family gets it all, BUT these speakers are getting buried with me, I am going to need them in the after life. 😂😂😂”

  56. Crutchfield customer from Kahului, HI

    Well, so far so good. I just received it 2 days ago and love the look and sound. I guess there still a break in time and I think it’s only going to get better. Pros:¬†Good size and weight love the look of the free stand and veneer. Cons: None yet

  57. Crutchfield customer from Ocean View, NJ

    Great sound!

  58. Charles

    I am very pleased with everything about the KLH Model Fives…….from the way they were packaged to the awesome sound. The speakers look great and every record from Jazz to Maria Muldaur sound amazing! I am so happy that I purchased these speakers and just can’t seem to stop listening!

  59. Will P.

    I ordered my KLH Model 5’s at the beginning of October an received them the day after Thanksgiving. Normally having to wait that long for a pair of speakers would annoy me, not so in this case. “Worth the wait” is an understatement. These speakers deliver everything promised and then some! I am currently pairing the Model 5’s with an Audiolab 6000A Play, and let me tell you, this is a sweet sweet pairing. The clarity of these speakers is fantastic – crisp articulate highs that never get fatiguing, perfect mid range and a sublime low end. Seriously, unless you are a bass head, no sub needed here. The bass is quick, punchy and defined. It doesn’t hurt that the fit and finish are top tier. Beautiful vintage speaker styling. For positioning I have the model 5’s about 2 feet from my back wall, and towed in a bit, giving me a nice full soundstage, with a perfect center vocal image. I couldn’t be happier with a purchase.

  60. William Uzzell

    Wow, just Wow! I read reviews on the Model 5’s, which were generally glowing, but I honestly was not expecting this. These speakers are just near perfection for me. I love the retro type of style – especially the African Mahogany along with the stonewash linen covers, which I have. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the fact that the stands are included is another bonus. But, the sound. The sound I get from these speakers is exactly what I was looking for – though I didn’t actually realize it until I got them in my home and started listening to them. They are addictive. as others have said, the center imaging and soundstage are impeccable, but there is something more with these speakers that I can’t quite articulate. They have a clarity and detail that I love, but at the same time they have this slight warmth to them as well as a fullness that just fills a room, and immerses you in the sound. You are there. I own Martin Logan ESL’s as well as Focal 826’s which are both excellent speakers in their own right, however, I prefer the Model 5’s to either of them, and I can’t believe I’m saying that about my Electorstatics, but I do. I just re-read this review, and I’m thinking it’s kind of ridiculous how I’m gushing on about a set of speakers, but they are really that good for me.

  61. Amazon customer

    Quality built speakers! 

  62. Alejandro Portilla

    Awesome speakers- great price. The seller was on point and over delivered. The speaker are great. They sound crisp/clear, and have sufficient bass. However, for those that want that extra umpfh, you will need a sub. The finish is good. The drivers seems to be of good quality. Although they are made in China, I wouldn’t let that hold you back. The designer of the Heritage Klipsch was the same designer for these speakers. Don’t hesitate, just get them.

  63. Crutchfield customer from Myrtle Beach, SC

    The KLH Model Fives are wonderful. Back in the 70s my brother had a pair of KLHs. We both enjoyed the richness and driving bass. The new Model Five uphold that tradition. Pros:¬†Richness of the highs and midrange. It’s as if I’m hearing a number of my favorite songs for the first time. Cons:¬†Wish my room was larger and I have better sound absorption to turn them up even louder.

  64. Ronald from Danville, NH

    Getting back into HiFi and not owning anything is years 🙂 these speakers sound great! After researching and looking through a ton of reviews I made the purchase and I do not regret it. I listen to various genres of music in various formats, mostly metal and these speakers made everything sound fantastic. I choose the Mahogany because I like the reddish with the old linen look. I have seen both finishes in person and you can’t go wrong either way, they are both beautiful. Pros:¬†Easy speaker placement. Cons:¬†Backordered due to high demand. 🙂

  65. Jack Ruth

    I have had my model fives for several months. I was looking for a new set of speakers and saw these reviewed on Zero Fidelity. I am an experienced musicphile and music is what these do well. The sound is seductive excellent detail but not hard on the ears. These are being played through an Acurus A 250 (250 watts RMS in to 8 ohms). There is no problem handling the power although there may be a tinge of fatigue after an hour or so at high volume. The sound has continually improved especially the sound stage. So there seems to be a break in required say 500 hours or so. My favorite character of the Model 5’s is that they improve the playback on poor to medium quality recordings with consistency. In the rock music genre that would be the majority of the music. The Tinney sound on most of The Yes material is gone. The drum tracks on most recordings will improve. In short you may want to revisit some of your old material in search of something new.

  66. Chris M.

    Old school is what I was going for plus sound. These speakers fit the bill sound great. The one and only down fall is the Logo left speaker placement lower left, right speaker is lower left. Logo should be placed on right speaker at lower right. Music Direct

  67. Crutchfield customer from Astoria

    I’ve had these speakers for 7 seven weeks, and they are not going back to Crutchfield. These speakers have some kind of magic in them. Everything I’ve played through them sounds wonderful. Even music I don’t think of myself as liking sounds better through them. They have a ton of detail, but also produce a very full and balanced sound. The treble is tilted up a little, the midrange seems pretty neutral, and the bass has some welcome warmth to it. This is my first acoustic suspension speaker. When I first got them, I worried that the bass wasn’t punchy enough, but in practice I never feel like I’m missing anything (except of course the bottom octave, which is really subwoofer territory anyway) in the bass. I love the form factor of these. In my room, I can’t place speakers in the corners, so towers tend to stand far into the room like obelisks and dominate the space too much. Even on their included stands, the speakers stand low enough to not be distracting. The wood finish is great, and the linen grilles are beautiful…I wish more speakers used them. My last speakers were Tekton Impact Monitors. They’re great, but just don’t engage me emotionally as much as these. The Model Fives have, to me, a more organic sound. They are thoroughly engaging, to the point of being addictive. I’ve been discovering so much new music since I got these, because it’s honestly hard to stop listening. Thank you KLH for making these magic sound boxes and thank you Cru

  68. Thomas Biddle

    My KLH Model Five speakers are just great and hard to find! So glad you carry that model. Thanks.

  69. Crutchfield customer from San Francisco, CA

    I am very impressed with the KLH model 5s. Center imaging is dead on, soundstage dead on, bass response amazing especially for a 10″ speaker. Vocals on point. Just an amazing speaker. Almost forgot, easy to setup. Don’t require a lot of placement adjustments to get them to sing Pros: Sound clarity, base response and soundstage Cons: Just a tad too large for a small room, cabinet and grill color choices

  70. Crutchfield customer from Glenville, NY

    Really nice sounding speakers. I’d been waiting for a while to pull the trigger on a nicer set of speakers for my living room in the 2k a pair price range. I became aware of these and was attracted to the vintage looks and shorter profile vs larger tower speakers. These are a lot of fun to listen to – the bass is nimble and controlled, not boomy at all and the highs have a nice clarity to them. Soundstage is excellent despite my less than ideal placement due to room and furniture (read: wife) requirements. On top of all that, they are very attractive. The pictures really don’t do them justice, the finish is quite nice in person. Overall very happy with the purchase.

  71. Crutchfield customer from Box Elder, SD

    Last time I bought speakers was 1999,KLH 5 was worth the wait! Great price and sound.

  72. Nathan from Charlotte, NC

    What an incredible sound straight out of the box. Perfect for the smaller size listening room I have. Speakers could be placed in several locations with full clear sound throughout. Very happy with the purchase Pros: Full bodied sound Tight bass Easy speaker placement Cons: None

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The KLH Model Five floor standing loudspeaker was custom engineered from the ground up by KLH’s Kerry Geist. Geist is a 1986 Louisiana Tech University graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. Following his college graduation, Kerry joined Klipsch & Associates as an Acoustics Engineer, where he worked on commercial and consumer loudspeakers. Geist stayed with Klipsch for 32 years and worked in acoustics engineering, manufacturing, and product development for Klipsch’s Heritage product line. In 2019 Kerry joined our team at KLH Audio as the Chief Engineer. We are fortunate to have Kerry hold multiple responsibilities within KLH that revolve around product design and management. Kerry Geist’s most recent success story is the KLH Model Five. Below he will answer all your questions about the legendary Model Five floor standing loudspeaker.

The Model Five loudspeaker is designed around two guiding principles that perfect its sound quality. The first principle is the acoustic suspension design. Unlike bass-reflex systems, the acoustic suspension design is not optimized to favor one frequency band at the expense of another. The volume of the air in the enclosure ensures that the 10-inch woofer will always be in control, and the low-frequency performance will remain clean even at the highest cone excursions. Secondly, the dedicated midrange driver is specifically designed to reproduce the important, middle part of the audio spectrum- the area where the ear is the most sensitive and where distortion is most easily heard. This guarantees the output is clean and detailed at all levels.

It all comes down to the Model Five’s acoustic suspension design. Acoustic suspension speakers are much better suited to deal with low–frequency program material than any other loudspeaker design. This is particularly true when listening to contemporary music. Today’s recording technology has become so advanced that artists are constantly finding new ways to use the frequency band below 40Hz. This was not the case 20 years ago. As technology has evolved, it is becoming apparent that traditional bass-reflex speakers have problems with detail and accuracy in this regard.

One of my favorite things about the Model Five is its elegant simplicity. There are five major acoustic components in this floor standing speaker, and they were each developed with the intent of reaching the highest performance quality possible– without breaking the bank. We knew the level of performance we wanted to achieve from the start, so in the engineering realm, it was easy to map out the product design and quality that was necessary to reach those objectives. We did not spend money where it was not needed. Instead, we focused on the individual components and specifications required to build this groundbreaking loudspeaker.

Dating back to the 1950s, there has always been a desire for low-bass extension from a small enclosure. Back then, one of the best ways to achieve this output of sound was through the acoustic suspension design. This design principle turned KLH into a dominant solution in the loudspeaker industry for decades. The Model Five was then introduced in the mid-60s when high-fidelity was first becoming popular. The original Model Five was the perfect mix of size and performance and lead to un-heard of success in the speaker industry which is rarely experienced today.

The Model Five’s “Old-World Linen” grille complements the rich finish of the genuine mahogany veneer giving this floor standing loudspeaker the mid-century modern look that has been sought-after for years. The integration of the slant riser base with the retro-looking body gives the Model Five an un-intrusive appeal that helps it blend in any listening room.

Listening room acoustics are more varied than ever before considering today’s vast volume of furnishing and architectural design possibilities. This can make the task of setting up a pair of floor standing speakers for music in a room quite difficult. It is not likely that a customer will be willing to spend money on expensive room treatment, so the next best thing is to provide the customer with additional help to initially set up their loudspeaker– hence the attenuator switch. The attenuator switch provides users the ability to slightly reduce the mid & high frequencies in rooms that contain a lot of hard-flat surfaces. The attenuation is not drastic, and you may not immediately notice it, but it does just enough to reduce the high–frequency energy in any room. Overall, the switch improves the balance between the low frequencies (those that are more influenced by the position of the speaker in the room) and the high frequencies (those that are sensitive to the liveness or deadness of the listening space).

An acoustic suspension design requires a different type of transducer than those used in traditional bass-reflex systems. The transducer must be more robust, and the excursion requires a much larger cone displacement which presents several challenges to a designer. But fortunately, transducer design and measurement have come a long way in the last 60 years. Modern laser-based measurement techniques are very well-suited for transducer development used in acoustic suspension designs. The magnet structure geometry, flat-wound voice coil, and flux stabilizing ring are all a result of testing using laser-based measurement techniques.

Yes, the logo is cast from zinc. And yes, it is the original KLH logo from 1968. We wanted the logo to represent the quality of the materials used in the Model Five loudspeaker, and honor the fact that KLH uses more responsible, recyclable, and sustainable materials in its construction.

A loudspeaker’s grille cloth is the most dominant part of its cosmetic appeal. We chose to depart from the traditional black cloth and look at fabrics of assorted colors and textures to enhance how the product will look in customers’ listening rooms. Our goal was to get the product out of the traditional “man cave” and into living rooms for more people to enjoy.