Ethereum Cash

Marketing Roadmap

Launch Token ✓

Ethereum Cash will be launched and listed on Uniswap.

Accelerate continued marketing and community growth ✓

Focus on continued marketing in order to further grow our community stronger.

Influencer marketing ✓

We will be bringing onboard influencers to help spread awareness about Ethereum Cash.

Community donation wallet ✓

A community donation wallet will be created whereby all donations received will be spent towards further marketing for Ethereum Cash.

Telegram price bot ✓

A community price bot will be created and added to our Telegram group so that our community can receive up to date information about Ethereum Cash.

Apply for listing on & Coinsniper ✓

Apply for listing on Coinhunt & Coinsniper in order to further increase exposure.

Reddit CMS post ✓

Apply for CoinGecko listing ✓

Apply for CoinMarketCap listing ✓

Apply for listing on & Coinsniper ✓

Apply for CEX listing ✓

ECASH Contract Audit ✓


Dear Citizens of the World,

As you may know, fiat currencies have been a plague on our society for thousands of years. They exist to give the powerful the control, while leaving the many at the mercy of a centralized monetary construct controlled by few large faceless governments. For these reasons, we are excited to announce today the launch of the forefront in our mission to create a fair, decentralized, universal inflationary resistant currency for all: Ethereum Cash.

Though many so called meme currencies have launched on the Ethereum network in the past. Ethereum Cash is anything but. It was built with a far greater purpose, to give back control of one's financial destiny to each individual. No longer, shall billions of people everyday have to worry that forces outside their control may one day wipe away the value of their lifelong earnings. No longer, shall people have to depend on the benevolence of their governments to make the right decisions to safeguard their financial wellbeing.

For those of you who believe in our very same vision, your time has come. Join the revolution, let us fight against the established order that we have so long believed to be unshakeable. Together, we will create a world, a currency that will be to the benefit of the many, instead of the few.

Community Donations Wallet


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ethereum Cash?

Think of Ethereum Cash as a fair universal inflation resistant currency built for the people. It is not meant to be a meme currency like the many others that have come before. It was also built to end the evils of the many inflationary fiat currencies that have acted as a vehicle for monetary theft for far too long.

What are the tokenomics??

Ethereum Cash was built with a 10% redistribution tax on each transfer in order to reward supporters and long-term holders. Only 1,000,000,000,000 ECASH tokens will ever exist.

Where can I get Ethereum Cash?

The Uniswap link is here: Buy here.
The contract address is: Contract.

What are the tokenomics?

1,000,000,000,000 ECASH were created.
10% redistribution fee on all transfers / trades.
5% redisributed to holders and 5% burned forever.

Is ECASH controlled by any central authority?

No. Ethereum Cash is meant to be a gift to the world. This project is decentralized and no one single entity or group controls it. We will be renouncing ownership in order to hand over the future direction of this project to the community after listing on Uniswap.

Do you have marketing planned?

Yes, we have a very detailed roadmap that you can view if you scroll up to the roadmap section.